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In addition to their main exhibitions, Rhénanie organizes events related to their current theme, including: workshops (for children, in art schools, and in businesses) and auxiliary exhibitions.

Blue Mood Cycle 2015 - 2017

April 2017

Artist residencie / exhibition-China

Olivia Benveniste and Sonia Verguet are flying away at the Jingdezhen International Center of Ceramics.

Rhenanie continues to approach the issue of blue decor in ceramics in the traditional Chinese ceramic city, classified at UNESCO.

They invite this time a local artist YAN Huiyu, to create a piece of art by their side..

January / May 2016

Jin Kim

Workshop in fine art school-Strasbourg

The design of object section of the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin invites Rhénanie to transmit with its students on the theme of the blue decor in ceramics. .

The students have produced new Blue Mood pieces,to be discovered soon.

16 SEPT/15 NOV 2015

Exhibition - Sandstone Blues

At the Alsatian Museum of Strasbourg

This presentation is a dialogue between the traditional sandstone pottery of Betschdorf that is found at the Alsatian Museum, and the Rhénanie Collective's contemporary Blue Mood works. The museum and the collective display their pieces according to theme, usage, form, decoration and symbolism, and discover distinct echoes between traditional and contemporary works.

Workshop for Children -Strasbourg
"Biscuits to Show and Eat".

At the Alsatian Museum of Strasbourg, in conjunction with the Sandstone Blues exhibition Led by Olivia Benveniste and Sonia Verguet.

The children design a piece of pottery with biscuit dough, decorate it with blue icing, and… eat it! An edible object is made while discussing and learning about the techniques and gestures of the ceramics artist. A mouthwatering educational moment!



Gutenberg Elementary School - Strasbourg .

An extra-curricular activity made possible by the City of Strasbourg

Led by Olivia Benveniste