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Maxime Ansiau

Visit to Maxim's Studio

View of Delft

Model in inbaked clay Prinsenhof'sDelft Museum

Delft's Manufactory

Yun-Jung Song

Plate, ceramic ware 2013
A Rhénanie artist!


Ground sandstone is one of the components used in the manufacture of ceramics

Vinegar crock Betschdorf


One of the earth components used in the manufacture of ceramics

Marie-Florentine Geoffroy

excerpt from the book
"Pretty teeth"

"The textures and almost architectural geometry formed by motifs such as rocks, frozen rivers, and branches create powerful, precious images."

Delft's Vestiges

Prinsenhof'sDelft Museum

F.Van Fytom

A 17th century hand-painted ceramic tile.

One of the treasures of the Delft tradition.

Dyer’s woad

a plant of the brassica family, used to produce a blue dye.

Yun-Jung Song

Mountain, ceramic

Molecular cuisine

Sonia Verguet

Indigo dye

Sold in Sapa market, Vietnam


a technique used to apply decorations to ceramics. Locates and the Ceramics Museum in Sarguemines